EZRaider stands at the intersection of scooter and quad bike

Israel’s EZRaider takes the electric scooter into new territory – indeed, just about any territory – with a series of offroad-ready four-wheel beasts making up to 18 kW (24 hp). Rugged and fast with long-travel suspension, they look like 4×4 Segways. EZRaider’s top model is the HD4, which puts 4.5 kilowatts’ worth of motor in each of its four wheel hubs, along with hydraulic disc brakes all round. The top speed is limited to 45 km/h (28 mph) out of the box, and its 60-V, 3-kWh lithium battery pack gives it a range up to 75 km (45 miles).
Each wheel has its own chunky al